The First International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia on October 9, 2007. You will find our collection of presentations from that conference below.

The Acid Digestion Process (ADP) for Disposal of Sea Dumped Munitions
Mr. Dennis Wynne, Mr. Ed Groth and Mr. Chris Livingston
Battelle Memorial Institute

Using the Gavia AUV system to locate and document Munitions Dumped at Sea.
Mr. Chris Roper
Roper Resources Ltd

Recovered Sea-Dumped Chemical Weapons – possibilities for on- and off-shore treatment
Harley Heaton, UXB International
Dr. Thomas Stock, DYNASAFE Germany GmbH

Historic Overview of DoD Sea Disposal Operations Involving Chemical Warfare Material (CWM) in US Coastal Waters and Recent Studies
Geoff Carton, Plexus Scientific Corporation

Ground Zero Technology Presentation
Kareem Elhawary, Ground Zero Technology

Sea Dumped Chemical and Conventional Munitions in Japanese Waters
Nobuyuki Miyazaki, Ocean Research Institute, the University of Tokyo

Warfare-related hazardous sites in the Baltic Sea: Status quo, risk potentials, securing and remediation attempts
MSc Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Marc Koch und Prof. Wolfgang Ruck
Universitat Luneburg, Institut fur Okologie und Umweltchemie

An Integrated Marine Gradiometer Array System (MGA) For Detection and Location of Chemical and Conventional UXO/MEC in Shallow to Deep Marine and Freshwater Environments
Richard Funk, Tetra Tech

Living and Working near Munitions Sites
Lenny Siegel, Center for Public Environmental Oversight

Vieques Presentation

Marine Towed Array Surveys of Ostrich Bay, Lake Erie and Puerto Rico
Chet Bassani, Nagi Khadr, Chris Gibson and Jim McDonald
Advanced Sensors and Analysis Div., SAIC

Assessment of Ocean Dumped Chemical Weapons
Gary McCloskey

real time in situ chemical detection of underwater unexploded ordnance
Ross J. Harper Ph.D., ICx Nomadics

Diveable Chemical and Biological Sampling Kit
Rod Hudson, QuickSilver Analytics

Sea-dumped CW under the Chemical Weapons Convention
Dr. Thomas Stock, DYNASAFE Germany GmbH

In-Situ Chemical and Biological Remediation of Munitions Constituents from Point Source Emitters in Marine Environment
Professor Valentine Nzengung, University of Georgia
Dr. Walter O’Niell, PLANTECO Environmental Consultants, LLC

A Community Relations Model
Robin Hawn, EOD Technology Inc

Communities at Waters Edge: Keys to Success and Collaboration Over the Long Term
Shawn Grindstaff, The Forrester Group

Recovering Hazardous Materials From a Marine Environment Using Robotics