Blowing-up sea mines in the water isn’t a solution

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAhrAAAAJDQ3NWZmYjIxLTgxZDItNGU4NS1iYjIxLWMzMTMxOTQxOTk0NQWe must find a balance between the military protecting us from our enemy’s at home and abroad; and protecting us from contaminated sites with DU and other breakdown products, that are human carcinogens, that they have created. I support the militaries, but the militaries need to understand that they are making us sick! From open burning / open detonations (OB/OD) to blowing-up munitions on land and in the water. While they reduced the energetic threat, but they increase the human health and environment threat. What’s sad is that the technologies are already developed for environmental friendly disposal, but the governments do not want to pay. That means tax revenues will go down as we continue to make the tax payer sick. The number one killer today: cancers, “a man-made disease”. Time for an International Conference at the United Nations starting with “underwater munitions and ending with OB/OD”. Militaries should only be excluded from OB/OD and underwater detonation during time of war or has a “last resource” in the face of risk or uncertainty. Let put our Veterans back to work, developing policy to protect the tax payer from the contaminates and clean-up both underwater and land based munitions sites.