How safe is your cod bites to eat?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAeKAAAAJDc3ZDVlYTUzLWZiY2QtNDIwYS1hMDRlLWQ5YzFkNWFhMTQ0OQHow many people will pass away from cancer/s (man-made-disease) this year from eating contaminated fish from underwater munitions sites in Canadian Waters?  More than 3000 sites off of Nova Scotia in 4VN, where most of our consumed fish come from contain more than 80,000 tons of conventional munitions. These are mainly TNTs which break down in the marine environment to DNTs, a known human carcinogen with a half-life in the marine environment measured in 1000s of years. Pollution in the form of 100s of millions of tons of dumped weapons exists in our rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans. They must be disposed in an environmentally friendly manner rather than dumped into our waters. Contaminates from these munitions find their way into our food web affecting the reproduction of fish, which could create a global food security concern. The munitions (chemical and conventional) could easily and unknowingly be recovered and used as a weapon on the public. Underwater munitions impact on our environment and increases costs to our health care systems.

“Let face it” “the fish will never miss them” or “you or I will never miss them”.  Time for PM Justin Trudeau to call on the United Nations for a global conference on underwater munitions.  The munitions or cancers will not go-away or reduced, without everyone’s voice.