More than 60 years of Dumped Weapons in our Ocean are Destorying Global Fish Stocks

LSH Ship retrofitted for dumping Chemical, Conventional and Radiological Weapons regularly dumped weapons off Nova Scotia/Newfoundland

The global depletion of fish stock can be traced to the dumping of chemical weapons in the English Channel in the 1920’s followed by the destruction of the oyster indurstry to the recent fish kills off Nova Scotia. An earlier Helsinki Commission report on sea dumped chemical weapons, stated that it expected in 2005 chemical releases from these weapons will begin to meet one-another in our ocean.

The Global Community, including news media, international leaders, the Chemical Weapons Convention and the United Nations has taken the position: “Out of Sight Out of Mind”, a position that is the “catalyst” for the continued destruction of our fish stocks and ocean. The OPCW insists that chemical weapons and their breakdown products hydrolyze in water, yet we detect them in our chemical weapons programs. According to one expert, Courtney Green on IDUM’s International Technology Advisory Board (ITAB), who carried out dumping operations in the North Sea for the British Army and wrote his master thesis on the dumping stated, that all the munitions are to be gone now! The reality is that underwater weapons are a point source emitter of pollution that will persist in the marine environment as a human carcinogen for thousands of years.

My recent visit to Digby, Nova Scotia on Friday 30 Jan 2016 revealed some findings that was contrary to what was being reported in the media. One fact, that stood out that CBC was reporting there were no more fish kills from a DFO News Conference earlier in the day but during our visit later in the day we were still finding dying fish the shallows.

We found dead crabs, starfish, and hairren earing rring some fish bleeding from the eyes and most of their stomach were empty. We were provided a video by local fishermen from earlier in the day when the seagull weren’t eating the dead fish on shore and were picking the fish up but then dropping them rather then consuming the fish.

DFO and the public needs to understand the the munitions aren’t going anywhere soon…other than into our Food Chain.