Networking Event Series, Volunteer The Hague

Volunteer%20the%20Hague%203Networking Event Series, Volunteer The Hague (23 June 2016)

Volunteer the Hague is a non-profit initiative founded by the Municipality of the Hague, that matches talents and skills of internationals with the needs of local non-profit organizations to build a more vibrant community for everyday living in the Hague area.

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Many honorable organizations have been invited to take place during the event: Help Kobane, Stichting Den Haag Narathon, The Indian Film Festival The Hague, Biblionef, Present Den Haag, UNICEF, and The International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions (IDUM).

All the representatives were able to talk about the participating Organizations, and the brilliant work that all of them are doing in The Hague, and all over the world.

Volunteer%20the%20HagueAfter a brief introduction of each institution, all the volunteers were called to join more warm and inspiring discussions with each representative.

The International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions, in particular, showed itself as one of the most outstanding Organizations, and has attracted over 20 volunteers who will make a great team to support the Organization’s cause and mission of cleaning both chemical and conventional munitions in our Oceans worldwide.

This event showed itself as a unique experience that allowed for the IDUM to have a one-on-one interaction with other local non-profit organizations as well as many like-minded, warm-hearted, and inspiring volunteers.

We are looking forward to welcome them in our Organization soon.