World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day, 5 June 2016, The Hague (in cooperation with the Sea First Foundation)

World Ocean Day 2

The Sea First Foundation is deeply concerned about the poor state of our oceans, and the problems that this brings to humans, animals and the environment. The Sea First Foundation brings the beauty and diversity of the underwater world to the general public, and at the same time raises awareness through sensitization and education about the issues that stand in the way of a healthy world.

Kindly welcomed by the Sea First Foundation, the International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions visited and participated in the first in The Hague for the Foundation, the World Ocean Day.

World Ocean Day 1The IDUM presented its mission, and concerns of the issues connected to the underwater munitions in a brief introduction, and a speech by the Executive Manager of the The Hague office, Diana Pyrikova:

“Together we stand and reflect on issues facing our oceans, where the underwater munitions present hidden but great threat to our oceans, and our lives. The Marine Environment is facing great challenges, and without a shift in our approach to our seas and oceans there will be no oceans left for the future generations. Without any action the next generations will inherit the oceans that could not be recognized, and most importantly could not be recovered.

Over the course of our lifetime our oceans have changed: they have fewer pristine areas, and even more so they posses danger to our environment and our health. Therefore we need to do more to protect our most vulnerable parts of the ocean, and should “lean up the munitions from the ocean floor.”

In the inspiring discussion, representatives of the IDUM met many compassionate people who are highly concerned of the issues facing our oceans. Besides, a fruitful discussion with the president of the SeaFirst Foundation, Mr Dos Winkel, led to a mutual cooperation on a project that will help to improve the current state of our oceans.

Happy World Ocean Day!