Please Sign Petition – Ask Friends to Help Save our Ocean

Please Sign Petition – Ask Friends to Help Save our Ocean (Cannot touch munitions without Chemical Protection, but it OK for the Fish, Hmm…)

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAknAAAAJDU4NmUyNzU4LWVkNTUtNDFkNC1iN2ZkLWZlZDQ1YTRkNmFlNwPlease sign our Petition to have an “Urgent United Nations Conference” on Underwater Munitions.  These underwater weapons are leaching their toxins into our lakes, seas and oceans. They are “Point Source Emitter of Pollution” that have and continue to, destroy or fish stocks, but attracting juvenile cod fish ability to reproduce, creating a global decline in fish stock and food security concerns.  We have found the cancers in the cod fish in and around munitions sites. There is technology and well trained, experienced people (Navy and Army Divers, EOD and Ammo tech’s and Combat Engineers, many others), that could easily clean-up underwater munitions, but there isn’t Government “will”.  Did you know the BP Deepwater Horizon was drilling in the middle of a documented underwater munition site when it blow-up in the Gulf of Mexico? Governments continue to hide behind the Chemical Weapons Conventions (CWC), that their State Parties negotiated, that excludes underwater munitions sites, that are a human health, food security and environmental catastrophe in the making, unless we hold Government Accountable their no going back.  Please help the ocean, by signing our People’s Petition on the Eradication of Underwater Munitions.