IDUM seeks greater cooperation with ISA

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAWSAAAAJGUzODliZWFjLWU3N2ItNDJjYS1iZjgzLTg1NDRkYWEwMjRkYgInternational Dialogue on Underwater Munitions (IDUM’s) International Technology Advisory Board (ITAB) on Sea Dumped Weapons (SDW) will develop a MOU to provide expert advice on sea dumped chemical and conventional weapons to the International Seabed Authority (ISA) in Kingston Jamaica, where IDUM recently became an Observer. The ISA is the seabed authority under International law of the Sea, including oversight of deep water sites for exploration of rare minerals. Some deep water sites are also home to the world’s chemical weapons sites.  Please join our open LinkedIn Group ” International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions” to provide your comment on sea dumped weapons.  Millions of tons of munitions left to corrode will destroy our ocean and seas unless we safely and environmental friendly dispose of them. The solution isn’t dissolution. We welcome everyone to our LinkedIn Group ” International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions”

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