Petition for Urgent United Nations Conference on Sea Dumped Weapons

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALFAAAAJGRkZGQxYzc2LThkZmYtNGJiNy05YzUwLTg3MGI0NjVkNTliYgPIC: Toxic Plums from Underwater Weapons Drift in the Seas and Ocean (MEDEA)

It’s becoming common to find underwater weapons in all our seas and ocean on a daily base. Governments continue to hide behind the Potsdam Agreement as justification to do nothing while our fish become contaminated to where they are not fit for human consumption. Chemical contaminates from these underwater weapons are creating a “Food Security Concern” whereas the chemicals effect the Juvenal fish to the point where they cannot reproduce which in many cases are mistaken for over fishing. Governments want us to believe that these weapons that have been designed to create death and destruction cannot affect human health or the health of our depleting fish stock.

We have the technology and global EOD experts to eradicate these weapons safely and environmental friendly from our waters.

We need your help by taking the time to sign our petition to save the seas and ocean from these “Point Source Emitters of Pollution”, remove them from the water and the toxic source is removed.

Please sign our petition below for an “Urgent United Nations Conference on Sea Dumped Weapons”. Please forward to your friends and ask them to sign as well.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Your help is most welcomed

Terrance P. Long