More than 280,000 Sea Mines Release Toxins into Baltic Sea – Food Web

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALZAAAAJGMxOWIyY2Q3LTU5NjAtNDE5Mi05NWU0LWQ2MDg1YTg0NzY0OAWhen you sit down to eat fish do you ever wonder where it came from or how safe is it to eat for you and your children? You should know and want to know to protect yourself and children from fish caught in contaminated waters. I personnel known the impact that munitions constituents can have on our fish stocks from tumors, deformities to stress on the kidneys and livers including decreases in basic health of the fish. The stress from underwater munitions reduce juvenal fish the ability to reproduce which will create a major “Global Food Security Concern” for industrial and developing nations. Its time for the United Nations to host an urgent conference on underwater munitions to develop a Binding Treaty on the environmental friendly recovery and disposal of all classes of these “Point Source Emitters of Pollution”. Remove them from the water and you remove the source of pollutions.