Call for an immediate United Nations Conference on Underwater Chemical, Radiological, and Conventional Weapons dumped at sea to create a binding Treaty for cooperative environmentally friendly clean-up of our seas and oceans.

From the First World War up until the 1970s, countries used our seas and oceans to dispose of their excess, obsolete, and damaged munitions. Those munitions contain known human carcinogens such as TNT, and its breakdown product DNT. These chemicals can exist in the marine environment for thousands of years. CHEMSEA findings (2014) indicates that we need to “clean up” underwater munitions due to their potential impacts on fish stocks, and consequently human health. Varieties of off-the-shelf-technologies developed by the private sector, and the military’s unmanned systems programs exist that are suitable to detect, map, recover, and dispose of underwater munitions, and the toxic waste they create. Underwater munitions are “Point Source Emitters of Pollution” which means that if we remove the source we remove the problem.

Now is time for everyone to speak out about recovering sea-dumped weapons.

Together we can save our seas and oceans!

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International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions (IDUM) is promoting the creation of an internationally binding treaty on all classes (biological, chemical, conventional, and radiological) of underwater munitions. This treaty would encourage countries to collaborate on underwater munitions policy, research, science, and responses where in a friendly negotiation all stakeholders can find a sustainable solution.

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