Mark the Dates!

International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions (IDUM) will Host an On-line Munitions Dialogue on 9 February and 16 February, from 1400-1900 hours, Central European Time.

Call for Presentations.

“Update the Science and Technology for Underwater Munitions Responses”, presentations are Due by 10 January 2021, at: 

Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, the 6th International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions will be held online, February 9 – 16, 2021.

This year’s conference will be a call for action as is expressed in our commitment to the UN’s OceanAction #21356 in accordance with SDG14. We will discuss the way forward from IDUM’s four pillars of policy, science, technology, and responses to underwater munitions.

One of IDUM’s initiatives is to establish a Training Centre for Innovative Science and Technology for Sea Dumped Weapons. Our conference will bring stakeholders together to discuss disposal solutions for underwater munitions.

The conference is seeking submissions related to new and emerging technologies and scientific approaches for the safe removal and disposal of sea dumped munitions of all classes (conventional, chemical, and radiological).

Presenters are required to submit a proposal in advance of the conference by 10 January 2021.

IDUM looks forward to receiving your presentation.