International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions Voluntary Commitment to the UNEP Ocean Action #21356

Establishment of the International Marine Training Centre for Innovative Science and Technology for Sea Dumped Weapons, and Shipborne Disposal Solutions to Support the Eradication of all Underwater Munitions

INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUE ON UNDERWATER MUNITIONS (IDUM), commits to create an International Marine Training Center in Canada and The Netherlands for Innovative Science and Technology for underwater munitions and, to Cooperate with the international community, state parties, local and regional governments, commissions, conventions, international bodies, defense, NGO’s, donors, private and public sectors on underwater munitions.

The Center will serve as the global focal point for exchange of information to further increase knowledge and awareness of Underwater Munitions Policy, Science, Technology and Responses by:

1. Cooperate to develop Policy and Standards, including an International Treaty for all Underwater Munitions on Human Health and Environment.

2. Creating Global Awareness on the Impact from Underwater Munitions on Human Health, Environment.

3. Creating a Global Database and Regional Maps of Underwater Munitions Sites for the Exchange of Information.

4. Developing an International Underwater Testing and Training Centre for Underwater Munitions Innovative Science and Technology Development.

5. Developing International Training Programs on Underwater Munitions for Marine Surveys, Investigations, Recovery, and Disposal.

6. Promoting Global Clean-up by developing Shipborne and in-situ Disposal Solutions for Underwater Munitions.

7. Explore Deepwater Chemical Weapons Site/s to determine the impact on the environment and to develop responses.