The health of our oceans affects us all. IDUM a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitate international dialogue, research, cooperation and action on recovering sea dumped munitions. We would like to invite you to be part of the solution, and offer you or your organization membership within a network of like-minded individuals, and organizations who believe that our oceans are worth saving. Through this network, you will be invited to participate and share your views at our first funders meeting coming in the near future.

We offer Individual Memberships in exchange of 20 EUR, and Organizational Membership for 1000 EUR of your generous donations. However, a gift of any amount from you, or your organization will be highly appreciated. Your sponsorship will not only contribute to advancing knowledge and cooperation, but also to the removal of underwater munitions and the problems they create.

As an organization not only will you have access to a broader audience for your operations, but you will also be connected to new business opportunities and research within the energy and ocean technology sectors. We will include your logo on IDUM website, and a write-up about your organization with a link back to your home page.

We would be happy to set up a time to personally discuss your contributions further. In the meantime, we are hopeful for your generous support, and invite you to be part of the solution.

The health of our oceans affects us all. Please give generously!


Terrance P. Long IDUM
Chairman & CEO,
North America mobile: 1-902-577-9439
International mobile: +0031 (0)629932932